Does anybody enjoy doing things the hard way...
And paying a
fortune for the privilege?

Probably not!

We're all about making medical imaging easier

Easier patient management

Easier reporting

Easier access to all those glorious pictures

For clinics, referrers & patients

So you can:

Grow your clinic without juggling twelve types of incompatible tech (QUBS works with everything)

Improve patient outcomes and experiences (QUBS facilitates fast diagnoses)

Unlock the cost-saving, productivity-boosting, happily-ever-after power of cloud technology (QUBS gives you complete flexibility PLUS a security guarantee. And we really like hyphens)

All while boosting your bottom line

We're not keeping up-to-date with industry trends and technology...We're setting the new standard for others to follow.

Innovating with our scalable, serverless architecture, which is capable of withstanding millions of image requests per month. Easily.

Behind the scenes

Three friends from Perth, Australia met at university way back when. Not content with dedicating their lives to creating yet another app store game, they looked around for a real opportunity to make a difference - something they could do that would actually help people on a deeper level.

QUBS started as a solution to the storage headache that private practices know all too well: imaging servers are expensive, data is expensive, and when the system goes down, everything falls to pieces.

So the team created a system that didn't need servers, have clinic-closing downtime risks or data costs through the roof.

It wasn't long before they discovered another urgent, yet parallel problem:

The patients were feeling like an after thought!

It was their images - their health - driving this industry, but somewhere along the line patients had become just another number. Since that discovery, the team at QUBS has focused on making Radiology Imaging more patient-centric.

A better experience for everyone.