Business Insights

Visualize your clinic data.

Unlock the power of data with QUBS Business Insights. Pose questions in natural language and receive precise answers accompanied by relevant visualizations, enabling a deeper understanding of your clinic's operations.

Instant answers powered by NLP

NLP (Natural Language Processing) empowers you to engage with your data effortlessly using natural language. Pose a question, and QUBS will deliver the answer through a report, dashboard, or visualization, making information retrieval simpler and faster.

Schedule reports

Schedule and automate your reports to be generated daily, weekly, or monthly, providing timely answers to all your QUBS-related queries.

Know your clinic

Gain insights into your clinic's operations easily. Identify top referrers, patient wait times, best-performing receptionists, sonographers, radiographers, and more.

Export with ease

Easily print dashboards, export them as PDFs, or download as Excel reports to share insights with your team.

Mobile app support

Access insights on the go with the QUBS mobile app for iOS and Android. Browse and interact with your dashboards through a user-friendly, mobile-optimized experience.

Harness the power of prompt data analysis with QUBS Business Intelligence, crafted to help clinics and teams attain faster insights.

Grow your revenue

Revenue and forecast

Track and compare the revenue performance of different modalities effortlessly with QUBS. Additionally, leverage our forecasting feature to anticipate future trends and make informed decisions.

Average scan duration

Gain deeper insights with QUBS by analysing the average scan duration per modality. This information can help optimize scheduling and improve overall operational efficiency.


Bring your data to life

Explore your key metrics and KPIs through our interactive dashboards, designed for ease of use. Our data visualization tools offer diverse formats including charts, graphs, and maps, simplifying data interpretation and engagement.


Identify geographical patterns of patient origins
effortlessly with QUBS.

Top scans

Generate a word cloud effortlessly to visualize the
frequency of modality usage.

Top scans by revenue

Evaluate revenue generation per modality at a
glance, aiding in financial analysis.


Monitor appointment schedules and attendance over time to
optimize patient management.


Maintain your clinic's emphasis on patient care with our fully integrated dashboard. Effortlessly review historical data, upcoming appointments, and billing information at a glance.

Pricing details
$199/ month

Platform fee

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