Mobile Imaging Clinics

Streamlined imaging solutions on-the-go

Enhance your mobile ultrasound or X-ray clinic operations with real-time access to imaging results. Our platform facilitates immediate access to patient reports, fostering a swift, accurate, and patient-centered care experience, no matter where your clinic is stationed.

Seamless Collaboration

Gain the advantage of real-time access and sharing of patient information from anywhere, fostering enhanced collaboration among clinicians.

Cost-Effective Solution

Eschew expensive hardware; QUBS is accessible via a monthly subscription, significantly reducing upfront costs and negating the need for continual maintenance and upgrades.

Scalable Efficiency

As your clinic expands, QUBS scales alongside, obviating the need for additional hardware investments, making it a flexible and adaptable solution for growing mobile clinics.

Unrestricted Accessibility

From any location with internet connectivity, access patient images and information without the hassle of VPNs or complex setups, making patient data effortlessly accessible whenever needed.

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Engineered for effortless operation

Experience a frictionless workflow even in remote settings. With QUBS, scan first without an internet connection; the platform intelligently creates patient and appointment details once connectivity is restored. Complete the addition of referrals, worksheets, and billings at your convenience, significantly reducing administrative tasks on the go, and focusing more on patient care during your mobile clinic operations.

Automated Bulk-Billings

Streamline administrative tasks with automated bulk billings

Interactive dashboards provide an easy-to-use interface for monitoring key metrics and KPIs. And with data visualization tools, you can view data in a variety of formats, including charts, graphs, and maps, making it easier to understand and interpret your data.

Create invoices

Generate invoices for all patients effortlessly with just a click, based on a specified date or week.

Submit batches

Automate the bundling of invoices and ensure timely submissions to Medicare.

Retrieve reports

QUBS autonomously retrieves processing and payment reports from Medicare as they become available.


Experience hassle-free reconciliation as QUBS auto-updates accounts and finalizes batches upon report retrieval.

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Manage your clinic

Managing patient data, Imaging, Billings and ensuring its security can be a challenge. With QUBS you can streamline your workflow and focus on providing high-quality patient care. Say goodbye to the challenges of managing patient data.

Explore Modules

Building blocks for every business model

Manage patients and schedule appointments

Shift to automated scheduling with QUBS' cloud-based module, enhancing workflow and patient experience.

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Automated SMS and Faxing

Send appointment reminders via SMS and fax reports directly from QUBS, reducing manual tasks.

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Online forms

Streamline how you collect referrals and consent forms by sending these to patients before the procedure.

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Your clinic, your data

With QUBS' cloud-based RIS/PACS system, immediate access to your patients' images and reports is at your fingertips. Designed for mobile ultrasound and x-ray clinics, our platform ensures data security, accessibility, and efficiency, all at a reduced cost. Your essential data is always secure and just a click away, streamlining your clinic's operations.

With QUBS, you retain ownership of all your patient data.
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