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Simple. Fast. Secure.
Cloud PACS that grows with your clinic

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Multi-level security

Layered encryptions and authentications are built into the QUBS platform

Real-time image access

Rapid storage and retrieval so your team can focus on patient care

Powerfully effortless

Intuitive features and flows for all users, from technicians to referrers

  • Performance monitoring

    Keep your clinic on the growth track with the all in one dashboard. Review in-depth statistics and trends to ensure data drives all key decisions.

  • Monitor imaging performed
  • Observe storage trends
  • Track modality usage & allocation
  • Record top referrers for each period
  • Review daily in-depth statistics
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  • Referrers' portal

    Keep your clinic on the growth track with the at-a-glance dashboard. Review in-depth statistics and trends to ensure data drives all key decisions.

  • Faster than ever before, referrers can now access imaging at any time
  • Link patient profiles to the referrer's email, and we'll do the rest.
  • Explore the referrer portal
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Support for multiple modalities

Your peace of mind is our top priority

At QUBS, we take client data security very seriously

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We've partnered with the very best in the business to take care of your data. What's more, you retain complete ownership. Export all your data from QUBS at any time, no matter which plan you choose.

Leave the backups and maintenance to us

  • Availability guarantee Easily track which modalities are performing best.
  • Durable Your data is backed up automatically across multiple facilities and devices to provide complete redundancy. Secure, instant retrieval is available 24/7.
  • Security All data is transferred over Secure Socket Layer encrypted links with additional multi-layer encryption applied before archiving.
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Choose your own storage location

You can choose where to store your data, optimizing access speed and meeting regulatory requirements.

QUBS storage locations




United States

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Start your 14 day free trial

Record unlimited appointments. Add unlimited users. Share with unlimited referrers & patients.


  • How does it work?
    1. Register and select your storage region
    2. Log in to QUBS and create a 'service' for each of your clinic locations
    3. Install the connector app on your clinic computers
    4. Enter the connection address into your imaging equipment
    5. All scans will now be stored securely for as long as you want. Retrieve, report and share as needed
  • Do I still need local backups?

      QUBS frees your clinic from needing entire rooms dedicated to servers and the stress of regular backups. Once your archives are migrated to the QUBS cloud PACS solution, you'll be able to reclaim that space and focus on growing your practice, knowing your data is actually now more secure.

  • Is there a limit to how many studies (image sets) I can upload?

      Each QUBS plan allows you to upload unlimited studies, until your storage usage reaches your plan limit. As you approach capacity, you'll be offered the choice of moving up to the next storage benchmark, or deleting studies to free up room.