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Manage your own medical imaging

Take an active role in your healthcare with complete access to your results

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Save as JPG

Open at any time, with any device, no software install necessary.

No sign up or paperwork required

Your results are sent by a secure link, simply click and save.

Access complete results

Nothing is held back, you see exactly what your referrer sees.

Download, store and share as needed

Simply access your xrays, CT, MRI or ultrasound results from a secure link, and the rest is up to you. Share with specialists or archive at home, knowing you have control over your own healthcare.

Ask the right questions

With access to your imaging, you'll be in a better position to get the healthcare you need, when you need it. Clarify report language, markers and implications at your referrer follow-up, while prepared and in complete control.

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Seek consults with a click

Explore additional and complementary healthcare, using your imaging as a data-fueled base to begin the conversation.

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Monitor changes proactively

Compare previous and current images to proactively manage your health.

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QUBS is always zero-cost for referrers and patients

Complete access to medical imaging is just a click away