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At QUBS, we recognize the unique needs and workflows of every radiology clinic. Our platform is crafted from the ground up to cater to all clinic sizes and requirements, from small clinics with a few imaging systems to large healthcare networks across multiple locations. Let us help you optimize your imaging operations and elevate patient care.


One platform for all your radiology needs

QUBS offers a comprehensive platform catering to all radiology requirements—from seamless patient scheduling to proficient image analysis. Our solution streamlines operations, minimizes manual data entry and paper-based records, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Key Functionalities

QUBS Platform features

QUBS is a robust RIS/PACS solution tailored for radiology clinics, featuring intuitive interfaces, advanced image analysis, customizable workflows, and seamless healthcare system integration. Streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and enhance patient care with QUBS.


QUBS enables simultaneous access and interaction with patient data from any location, promoting enhanced collaboration and streamlined workflows within your radiology clinic.

Online Bookings

Patients can effortlessly schedule appointments online, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction. This feature also streamlines the booking process for your clinic staff, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Automated Medicare and DVA

Alleviate manual billing hassles with an automated process that minimizes errors, ensures compliance with Medicare and DVA requirements, and accelerates the billing cycle.

Vendor-neutral PACS archive

QUBS houses a vendor-neutral PACS archive, allowing centralized storage and management of medical images and data from diverse modalities. This facilitates improved accessibility, better collaboration, and cost savings by minimizing the need for multiple vendor-specific archives.


Ease the appointment booking process with a customizable scheduler tailored to your clinic's specific needs. This feature aims to reduce patient wait times, enhance clinic efficiency, and optimize patient flow.

Automated report delivery

Accelerate the report delivery process with automation, enabling radiologists to promptly dispatch reports to referring physicians and healthcare providers, thus alleviating the administrative load on your clinic.

2 way SMS

Engage directly with patients via text messages, delivering appointment reminders, test results, and other vital information. This feature aims to minimize no-shows and boost overall patient satisfaction.


Access real-time chat from any location, fostering effective team collaboration. This feature allows seamless communication among team members, eliminating the reliance on less efficient methods like email or phone calls.

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Auto-scaling infrastructure

QUBS, a cloud-based platform, seamlessly grows and adapts to your evolving business needs without the necessity for additional hardware or technical support. As your business flourishes, expanding in terms of users, modalities (service offerings), and locations, QUBS effortlessly accommodates these changes.

Imagine starting with a modest team of five users at a single location, offering one type of service modality. As your business flourishes, you diversify your service offerings and establish new locations. QUBS facilitates the easy addition of new users, modalities, and locations to the platform, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality service and operational efficiency.

Crafted to scale fluidly with your business dynamics, whether accommodating 10 or 1,000 users, a single location or multiple sites across varied regions, QUBS stands up to the challenge. Moreover, it guarantees secure data storage and easy accessibility from anywhere, empowering you to manage your business and derive informed decisions from real-time insights.

Ultimately, QUBS presents a flexible and scalable solution poised to evolve alongside your business, devoid of the need for extra hardware or technical expertise.


Upholding the Sanctity of Patient Information

At QUBS, safeguarding the security and privacy of patient information is a prime directive. Our cloud-housed RIS/PACS platform is engineered to embody the zenith of security standards, employing industry-recognized encryption, meticulous access controls, robust disaster recovery protocols, and stringent compliance measures to perpetually shield patient data.


All data in transit between users and the QUBS platform is cloaked in robust SSL/TLS encryption protocols, establishing a fortified conduit for sensitive patient information, impervious to interception or tampering.

Access Controls

The architecture of QUBS is entrenched with nuanced access controls, ensuring a fortress of authorization around patient information. The bastion includes two-factor authentication, role-bound access control, and comprehensive audit logs to chronicle user activity, thereby bolstering the bulwark against unauthorized access and preserving the confidentiality of patient data.


Our strategy encompasses a spectrum of redundancy measures to uphold platform resilience and sustain uninterrupted availability. Regularly scheduled backups are a cornerstone of our approach, aimed at truncating any potential data loss.


In the realm of regulatory adherence, QUBS is sculpted to resonate with the mandates of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Our relentless endeavour is to elevate our platform to the pinnacle of compliance standards, securing patient data and instilling a sense of tranquillity in our users.

In addition to the robust security architecture, QUBS extends comprehensive training and unwavering support to its users, ensuring a thorough understanding and adherence to the gold-standard practices in patient information handling.

At the heart of QUBS, lies an unwavering commitment to furnishing a secure and reliable haven for radiology practices navigating their RIS/PACS necessities. We resonate with the paramountcy of safeguarding patient data, and are wholeheartedly devoted to elevating our platform to meet the zenith of security and compliance standards.

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