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Access medical imaging results in real-time

Get better outcomes with accelerated access to patient reports, for a seamless, streamlined healthcare experience.

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Raw DICOM files

Easily grab the raw imaging files to open in any viewer, or store on local media.

Preliminary and final reports

Retrieve patient reports when it matters most, with real-time access to both preliminary and final reports.

View images on demand

Maintain your schedule with the included image viewer, compatible across all devices.

Dedicated referrer's portal

Manage and review multiple patients from the single platform, accessible via secure link. Compare previous imaging and determine a follow-up strategy knowing you have all the data at your fingertips.

Check results remotely

With QUBS cloud imaging, the results are accessible wherever you happen to be. Use the platform link or the iOS/Android app to securely review patient imaging from the moment of completion.

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Share results with patients

Close the loop between patient, provider and specialist by assigning digital access to their imaging. Postpone release until follow-up or allow at any time, it's your choice.

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Seek consults with a click

Easily share medical images with colleagues and experts across the world. Diagnose and treat collaboratively for optimum patient outcomes.

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QUBS is always zero-cost for referrers and patients

Complete access to medical imaging is just a click away