One system. Many benefits

A system built with the end user in mind with many features to improve your clinic performance and easier manage your patients and referrers.

  • See bookings
    made by others
    in real-time

    Whether you have one site or multiple sites, see who is making bookings
    live so that the same spot is not booked by two patients accidentally.

    • Multi-users
    • Take bookings from anywhere
  • Collect information
    directly from

    Eliminate paper scanning, send patient registrations, consent forms and
    custom forms via SMS and let the patient fill them out on their phones.

    • Enhanced efficiency
    • Increases staff time
    • Removes clipboards
    • Streamlines patient onboarding
  • Fully automated
    SMS reminders

    Reduce the number of patients that do not turn up by enabling
    SMS reminders that are sent automatically to the patient day
    before the scan.

    • Reduce no-shows
    • Decreases patient call-backs
  • Effortlessly Drag & Drop Appointments
    Between Sites

  • Reduce data entry by sending patient
    details to the correct modalities

  • Communicate directly with
    patients via 2-way SMS

  • Send patient reports and images via, Fax, Email,
    Healthlink or Medical Objects with a click

  • Ensure Timely Attendance with
    Automated SMS Reminders

Scheduling simplified

Manage patient appointments faster than ever before

All scheduling features

Waiting list

Utilize a waiting list to promptly fill appointment gaps during cancellations and maintain a seamless schedule.

Online cancellations

Facilitate easy online cancellations, ensuring timely updates to the schedule and improved patient satisfaction.

Online bookings

Enable 24/7 online bookings through QUBS, minimizing time spent on phone scheduling and enhancing accessibility for patients.

Reschedule appointments

Effortlessly reschedule appointments when patients request changes, maintaining flexibility and convenience.


Securely store all clinic documents such as consent forms, patient forms, and worksheets with fine-grained permission controls.

Comments and alerts

Add comments and alerts to appointments or patient profiles, ensuring crucial information is available for all future appointments.

Quick view

Access comprehensive patient information in one place for expedited management and enhanced patient care.


Pin room notes for prominent visibility or add daily notes to keep the team updated and coordinated.


Maintain a detailed history log for all modifications made to appointments, reports, or patient records, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Email invoices

Dispatch invoices directly from QUBS with a simple click, streamlining billing operations.

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