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Direct patient communication via QUBS

Engage in seamless conversations with your patients directly through QUBS. Whether it's a follow-up on paperwork, a heads-up from a patient running late, or informing them about clinic delays, manage all communications effortlessly via SMS within QUBS.

With an astonishing 98% of text messages opened and read within just 5 minutes of delivery, texting emerges as an almost unignorable channel for marketing and communication. Experience the potency of SMS for direct engagement through QUBS.

Automated SMS reminders

QUBS sends automated SMS reminders to patients a day ahead, reducing no-shows. Upon confirmation, patients receive scan preparation instructions. This boosts efficiency and eases the reception staff's workload, facilitating smoother clinic operations.

Send reports, images or documents with a click

Easily send reports, images, or documents directly to a patient or GP's mobile phone with just a click, especially useful for urgent requests.

  • icons Automatically fax reports when a report is authorised
  • icons Fax scanned documents


Embrace seamless communication with QUBS's automated SMS & FAX system. Direct interactions with patients are logged within their profiles for auditing purposes.

SMS (outgoing)

$0.14 / 160 characters

Mitigate appointment cancellations and minimize time spent on phone calls with patients.

  • Send appointment reminders
  • Communicate directly with patients
  • Automatically send preparations
  • Send online forms
Fax reports

$0.16 / page

Cater to your referrers' preferences by delivering reports in their desired format without a dedicated fax machine

  • Automatically fax reports
  • Fax scanned documents
  • Fax anything else you want

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