Ultrasound Clinics

There’s a new way to write ultrasound reports. Let’s put AI to work.

Experience the future of ultrasound reporting with our innovative 'Worksheets to Report' tool. By harnessing the power of LLM, NLP, and ML, we transform your data into precise and consistent ultrasound reports. Achieve the same formatting as your radiologist, but with a remarkable turnaround time of under 30 seconds.


As your clinic expands, QUBS scales automatically, eliminating the need for special hardware or in-house technical support.

Report Delivery

Automatically send authorised reports and images to the referring doctor's system immediately upon approval.


Access and share patient images and reports in real-time from anywhere, fostering better collaboration among healthcare professionals.


With a monthly subscription fee and no need for special hardware, QUBS minimizes your startup costs.

Managed platform

All-in-One Solution for
Efficient Patient Care

Tailored Reporting: Easily create personalized reports and templates, ensuring improved accuracy,
swift turnaround times, and streamlined workflow for optimum efficiency.

Managed platform

At QUBS, we handle the complexities of data management, system maintenance, and ensure redundancy and backups, freeing you up to focus solely on providing exceptional care to your patients. Our managed platform alleviates the technical burdens, ensuring a smooth, reliable, and secure operational environment for your clinic.

Streamlined Scheduling

Experience the intuitive scheduling system of QUBS RIS PACS, designed to ease the process of booking and managing appointments. This leads to reduced wait times and elevated patient satisfaction.

2 way SMS

Foster real-time communication with your patients through QUBS. Whether it's a follow-up on paperwork, a heads-up on running late, or notifications about clinic schedules, handle it effortlessly with our integrated SMS feature.

Image portal

Instant Access to Medical Images.

Provide a link directly to patients' mobiles post-scan, enabling them to view, download, and share their medical images securely with healthcare providers or authorized individuals, whenever needed.

Explore Modules

Building blocks for every business model

Manage patients and schedule appointments

Transition from manual to automated appointment scheduling with QUBS' cloud-based RIS/PACS scheduling module, designed for streamlined patient management and appointment booking.

Explore Scheduling
Automated SMS and Faxing

Enhance communication with your patients through automated SMS, and effortlessly fax reports with QUBS' integrated messaging and faxing module.

Explore SMS and Fax
Referrers portal

Grant immediate access to patient images for referrers and specialists as soon as scans are completed, fostering better collaboration and faster decision-making.

Explore Referrers Portal

Security and compliance at the core

Compromised credentials detection

QUBS diligently monitors and compares user credentials against common indicators of compromise (IOCs), such as publicly leaked passwords or commonly guessed passwords, to prevent unauthorized access.

Adaptive authentication

Our system scrutinizes sign-in activities for IOCs, and in cases of potential risks—like sign-ins from unfamiliar devices or locations—QUBS automatically denies access, safeguarding your clinic's data integrity.

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